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Denis Patoux Vintage 2015

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Denis Patoux Vintage 2015

2015 was a warm and dry vintage in the Champagne region and was characterized by high ripeness and hot weather. The growing season began with a wet winter, followed by a dry spell from mid-May to August, causing concerns about water stress. Fortunately, chalky soils retained water from winter. Rainfall returned in August, slowing grape development but not causing widespread botrytis. The harvest conditions were generally favorable, with sunny days and cool nights.

Producers suggested picking too early as the cause, but there might be a more complex phenomenon related to drought and water stress during dry periods in both vintages. The 2015s vary in quality, with some excellent wines, but a you would have to taste to create your own opinion on the different bottles, this one is definitely worth a try.  


Denis Patoux is a family-owned champagne producer who produces great quality champagne where you get an amazing value for money. They are located in Vandières, champagne, France. The champagne house is mostly run by Mr. and Madamme Patoux and their children are starting to take over as time goes. They produce their champagne in their own facilities and the grapes are picked from their own grape fields. This means that everything happens in place which ensures their high-quality champagne. Other than that it also avoids a lot of transport of the grapes which is better for the environment. All of their champagne is aged in-house whereas their non-vintage champagnes must be aged for at least 12 months on 'lees'. Their vintage champagnes are aged for much longer, their newest release is their millésime 2016 which has been aging for 6 years. At Denis Patoux they make a mix of lovely non-vintage champagne, where you can find most champagne styles available on the market. Other than that they also have a fantastic selection of vintage champagnes, as time goes we will try to expand our selection from Denis Patoux as we really believe in their product which is of high quality, while still being affordable.

Bonus information: the extra photos here on the page are from the visit. 

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Product information

Size: 0,75 L 
Grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier
Dosage: Brut
Notes: grapefruit, buttered brioche, wood, light acidity
ABV: 12.5% Vol.
Made in: France, Champagne
Produced by: Denis Patoux, France
Including: champagne
Condition: Brand new, (may have minor imperfections from shipping)
Other information: contains sulfites


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