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A very small producer, releasing only 10.000 bottles per year. From the Grand Cru village Avize. Specialized in Chardonnay, no malolactic fermentation.


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More about Gérard Dubois

A Legacy in Avize, Champagne


Champagne Gérard Dubois is situated in the heart of Avize, Champagne, a region with a rich history of winemaking. The Dubois family has been deeply involved in the Champagne industry for generations, representing multiple houses over the years.

The Dubois Family Heritage

The Dubois family's connection to Champagne dates back to the early 20th century. Paul Dubois, the father of Gérard Dubois, established the house in 1930, following a period of vineyard devastation caused by the Phylloxera epidemic in the 1910s. The Dubois vineyards, like many others, had to be replanted, and the current estate's buildings and cellars have a history that can be traced back to 1820.

The Vineyards

Champagne Gérard Dubois currently cultivates approximately six hectares of vineyards, with a focus on three key grape varieties:

Chardonnay: 3.30 hectares in Avize, Oger, and Cramant

Pinot Meunier: 1.80 hectares in the Marne Valley

Pinot Noir: 1.00 hectare in Aube

The Winemaking Philosophy

Gérard Dubois, who has been involved in the winemaking process since childhood, is known for his meticulous approach to crafting Champagne. Each year, he produces vintage champagnes that reflect a consistent style while also showcasing the unique characteristics of each harvest.

The Champagnes

Champagne Gérard Dubois is celebrated for its juicy champagnes, characterized by ample autolysis and a finely balanced acidity. These qualities make them ideal for extended aging in the cellar. The older champagnes, in particular, offer exceptional and memorable experiences when enjoyed.


Champagne Gérard Dubois stands as a testament to the dedication and expertise of the Dubois family. With a rich heritage, a commitment to quality winemaking, and a focus on showcasing the unique terroir of Champagne, the house continues to produce exceptional champagnes that are cherished by enthusiasts around the world.